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April 08, 2021

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Every month or so we will be bringing you a brand new playlists with music for every mood! Whether you’re feeling contemplative, hopeful or in the mood for a party, we’ve got a playlist for you!

Mix FM..The Island's No1 Hit Music Station

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SPOTIFY Dimitra cover.jpg (1.18 MB)SPOTIFY Kalia cover.jpg (1.63 MB)SPOTIFY Ilias cover.jpg (1.47 MB)

SPOTIFY Helena cover.jpg (1.12 MB)SPOTIFY Stelios cover.jpg (1.13 MB)SPOTIFY Joanna cover.jpg (1.09 MB)

SPOTIFY Charitini cover.jpg (1.43 MB)SPOTIFY Platon cover.jpg (1.25 MB)SPOTIFY Girls Night Out cover.jpg (1.80 MB)

SPOTIFY Dancefloor Anthems cover.jpg (1.33 MB)SPOTIFY Boogie Down cover.png (2.88 MB)SPOTIFY TOP20 OF WEEK cover.png (612 KB)